Cookies: Enhance the celebration.

chocolate chip pecan cookie

Chocolate Chip Pecan

Generous portions of chocolate chips and sweet Southern pecans are the secret to this little cookie.  Made with real butter and brown sugar then baked to perfect golden plumpness, this chocolate chip pecan cookie is a Two Moms standard you’ll come back for again and again.

Oatmeal Craisin Toffee

A delicious twist on a tried and true favorite, our Two Moms Oatmeal Craisin Toffee cookie blends the heartiness of whole oats, brown sugar, dried cranberries and crunchy Heath bar bits. With just the right texture, its cranberry morsels make these cookies look especially festive when piled high on a plate!

oatmeal craisin toffee cookie
chocolate chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Chocolate lovers will swoon over our Two Moms Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies. Made with rich dark cocoa and an extra sprinkle of mini chocolate chips, some say our delicious cookies are actually chewy brownies masquerading as cookies. This is the cookie to pick when you need a chocolate fix.

Chocolate Chip

Baked with real butter and milk chocolate morsels, Two Moms chocolate chip cookies are a family favorite.  Not too crisp, not too chewy, they’re just the right size to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Who would have guessed an everyday cookie would be such a star.

chocolate chip cookie
cookie monster stack


Our monster cookie has big flavor in every bite! It’s a crunchy peanut butter and oatmeal cookie loaded with colorful M&Ms and mini chocolate chips. With so many delicious ingredients in one cookie, it’s so good it’s scary!

Peanut Butter

Two Moms peanut butter cookies please people who really love peanut butter. Made with crunchy peanut butter, real butter, brown sugar, then dipped in raw sugar, they’re delicious.

peanut butter cookie
oatmeal scotchie cookie

Oatmeal Scotchies

Two Moms Oatmeal Scotchies contain real butter, dark brown sugar, hearty oatmeal, pecans and butterscotch bits.  Delicious and filling, this stout cookie belongs in a Highlander’s cookie jar!

Oatmeal Raisin

Made with brown sugar, oatmeal and plump raisins then baked to chewy perfection, this classic oatmeal raisin cookie is a family favorite. Just like the cookies you made with Grandma way back when, these treats will remind you of home.

oatmeal craisin toffee cookie
ginger cookie


Just like the Gingerbread Man who ran away, our chewy and soft ginger cookie will run away with your tastebuds. Made with dark molasses, cinnamon, and cloves, it tastes like a fairy tale come true!  A perfect cookie for those who prefer their treats a bit spicier.


Nothing beats our sugar dipped sugar cookies for fresh, no frills cookie goodness. It’s all in our ingredients: real butter, fresh eggs, vanilla and touch of Two Moms magic. Simple and satisfying, there’s nothing plain about a Two Moms Sugar cookie.


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